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Verdek Electric Vehicle Solutions

EV Charging Stations
& CNG Refueling Stations

Verdek - One-Stop Solution for
GREEN and CLEAN Technologies

VERDEK is the leading company in changing infrastructure for sustainable transportation. We offer the best solutions for residential and public EV charging. We also provide CNG and LNG fueling stations for commercial fleets. Our EV Solutions and CNG Solutions will exceed your expectations. Our technical team can choose from Verdek’s vast product range to provide the best solution for your requirements. Verdek’s ChargePoint charging stations and Galileo CNG fueling stations offer the best solution to support the growth of the changing infrastructure for electric and CNG vehicles.

ChargePoint was named the leading EV charging station equipment manufacturer by Pike Research. Currently there are over 15,000 networked stations installed around the Country and 60,000 EV drivers have signed up with the ChargePoint Network. Verdek offers integrated solutions for the utility companies, corporations, and parking facilities in commercial and residential buildings.

Galileo is the world leader in the manufacturing and sale of CNG fueling stations with over 2,000 stations installed and operating in 65 Countries. Galileo CNG fueling stations are world renowned for their great performance, lower operating costs and small footprint.

Electric Vehicles and Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles are becoming more and more popular. They both are cleaner and reduce the US dependency on foreign oil. Natural Gas is totally “Made in the US” while the production of electricity is continuously shifting toward cleaner energies such solar, CNG and wind.

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Verdek EV Solutions
Verdek’s offers the best EV charging solutions for requirements. We have a full range of home, public and fast charging stations. Weather you prefer a networked or a non-networked charger, Verdek will always offer you the most economical and appropriate solution. Our nationwide network of authorized installers will install, activate the station and train you on how to use it. All station come with 1 year warranty and Verdek will service the stations and will never let you down. Consider the stations for your parking facilities, shopping malls, entertainment venues, condominiums or residence. Contact us at

Verdek CNG Solutions
Verdek’s CNG fueling stations facilitate the growth of CNG vehicles for fleets and private use. Galileo CNG fueling stations are the best solution available now in the world. They can meet any requirement for fleets and public use. We can supply time fill and fast fill solutions. Galileo’s low operating cost and small footprint make our stations the best in the world. Contact us at

Verdek Consulting
Verdek helps foreign companies entering the US market. We advise companies planning to expand their business into the United States, the largest market in the world. We assist you in all stages of business development form providing competitive market data, and industrial investment analyses through the implementation of your sale, marketing, and logistic strategies. Contact us at

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