Verdek™ carries a full line of modular and scalable charging solutions for highway corridors, meaning you can fit several dispensers on a small footprint, at a lower overall cost of installation.

As fleets continue to electrify, make sure your drivers have access to the fastest charging systems out there for peak efficiency.


Maximize Downtime
Optimize time spent while buses are stationed by taking advantage of a longer potential charging session. This reduces overall charging costs while ensuring your fleet can operate tomorrow without stopping.

Seize the Opportunity
Maximize charging opportunities during brief downtimes, such as a bus line terminus or driver swap, and keep services going without interruptions.

Automate Your Charging
Focus your workforce by leaving the charging up to the equipment. Our bus charging systems are fully automated and will charge vehicles in sequence, continuing onto the next EV when the current session completes.


Verdek Bus Charging Brochure


Our experience installing EV infrastructure for highway corridors has given us the pleasure of working with the following entities:

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