EV Chargers for the Retail & Hospitality Industry

Green technology is often associated with an affluent customer base. When you install Verdek’s electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at your hotel or retail stores, you will attract a new generation of environmentally-conscious customers while increasing your bottom line at the same time.


Enhance Business Visibility
EV owners using mobile apps to locate charging stations will notice your nearby business and think of you when they need to charge on the go.

Increase In-store Time
Customers who charge their vehicles in your lots are likely to extend their stay at your business for the duration of their sessions.

Develop Customer Loyalty
Convenient access to charging stations will encourage your clients to return, increasing customer retention and encouraging habits of charging while shopping.


  Electric Vehicle Charging: If You Build It, They Will Come

Here are just a few of the retail stores and hotels that chose Verdek EV charging station solutions for their guests:

Hospitality Clients