Verdek's presence in the EV charging industry is represented in many varied business and institutional sectors across the US. The following eco-conscious organizations chose our team to install and service electric vehicle charging stations at their facilities.


These major companies chose Verdek’s EV solutions for their parking facilities, not only to provide charging services to their EV-owning employees, but also to reflect their commitment to green transportation. Giving employees this additional perk attracts younger, more eco-conscious hires for your future projects.

Corporate Clients

Retail & Hospitality

Several big names in the retail and hospitality sectors have chosen Verdek's EV solutions as a way of telling their clients that they are committed to clean driving for both day-to-day shopping and leisure travel. Installing EV charging stations has proven both to increase customer retention and to stimulate additional revenue by attracting a more affluent clientele.

Hospitality Clients


The population of commuting students is growing, as is their desire for green transportation options. Teachers and professors as well are seeing benefits from driving green as more and more states provide incentives for owning EVs. Verdek™ has shown its commitment to meeting this demand in the education sector by providing EV solutions to the following higher education institutions.

Education Clients