EV Oasis

Verdek’s EV Oasis is an innovative EV charging solution designed specifically for off-the-grid applications such as national parks, desert highways or mountain roads, but can be deployed anywhere there is a need for EV charging and no access to typical electrical infrastructure.

This integrated solution consists of a DC Fast Charger powered by a solar array, mounted on top of a recycled shipping container.


EV Oasis Solutions

EV Oasis 150

EV Oasis 150kW

Our EV Oasis 150kW is a truly unique charging solution, providing clean energy and fast reliable EV charging off the grid.

This system has been deployed successfully in remote areas of the US where access to power is limited.

The EV Oasis creates the perfect pit stop for EV drivers traveling through the most remote parts of the US, lessening range anxiety for those visiting our beautiful national parks and other rural attractions across the country.


Key Features:

  • Fully mobile charging solution able to be deployed essentially anywhere the solar array will be effective
  • No need for a grid connection
  • Powered by reliable charging brands such as Freewire
  • Can be customized to your energy requirements
  • Utilizes recycled materials to protect the electrical equipment



Verdek™ EV Oasis
  DC Fast Charger Level 2 Charger
Electrical Specifications Power: 150kW
Dual Port: CHAdeMO/CCS
Capacity: 160kWh
Output: 200V-500V
Power: 7.2kW
Single Port: J1772


EV Oasis