EV Charging for Commercial Fleets

Choosing to go electric with your fleet will require an efficient electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure for your drivers.

Verdek’s turnkey solutions provide an easy way for you to upgrade all or a portion of your fleet while also reducing your fueling costs and operating expenses.


Meet Government Regulations
Most states provide tax or other monetary incentives for going electric with your fleet. We can help you take advantage of these benefits while staying ahead of government regulations on greenhouse gas emissions.

Get Recognition for Driving Green
Equipping your fleet with electric charging infrastructure establishes your company as a green leader by shrinking a large footprint of CO2 gas.

Reduce Operating Expenses
The long-term fuel and maintenance costs of EVs are lower than those with traditional combustion engines. Benefit from reduced costs per mile while also lowering emissions by up to 100%.


Verdek™ Commercial Fleets Brochure


Here are a couple fleets that chose Verdek to provision their EV charging infrastructure:

Commercial Fleet Clients