EV Charging for States, Cities & Towns

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the future of green transportation, and installing charging stations in your community helps prepare it to meet government regulations, encourages traffic to your businesses, and stimulates the local economy.

Installing Verdek’s EV stations as part of your public infrastructure encourages EV owners to visit your city and sets a greener standard of living for your citizens.


Invest in Your City’s Future
With EV sales increasing every year, equipping your city with electric charging infrastructure attracts a growing number of EV owners looking to put down roots in your municipality.

Cultivate a Green Community
Eco-consciousness is contagious. Installing EV charging stations throughout your city normalizes green thinking and encourages your citizens to consider clean transportation.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
When cities go green, the impact is felt worldwide. Installing our stations leads to reduced CO2 emissions and helps put the breaks on climate change.


Verdek™ States, Cities and Towns Brochure


Here are just a few of the big cities that chose Verdek EV charging station solutions to play a big role in sustaining their communities.

City Clients