Verdek™ specializes in installations of roadside charging systems for electric fleets. Our ultra-fast stations can be found along interstates all across the US.

Our line of heavy duty EV charging stations are perfectly suited for high-volume, high-powered charging sessions. These stations can deliver 60 to 100 miles of range in just 20 minutes of “pit stop” charging.

As fleets continue to electrify, give them access to the fastest charging systems out there for peak long distance efficiency.


Online Monitoring
Highway-based stations can be located far from your HQ, but thanks to our charging stations’ connected services, you have access to online features including remote diagnostics and usage statistics, 24/7.

Fleets Love Power Efficiency
Verdek’s dynamic DC power sharing systems ensure the grid can serve multiple charging sessions based on the available grid connection.

Meet Range Requirements
Fleets need to get the most out of their charging sessions, which is why Verdek offers the highest powered stations offering ranges as good as 3.1 miles per minute spent charging up, for the largest of electric buses.


Verdek Highway Charging Brochure


Our experience installing EV infrastructure for highway corridors has given us the pleasure of working with the following entities:

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