Patagonia™ Platform
CNG + LNG Multi Fueling

PATAGONIA is a fully automated modular LCNG platform which can be installed in virtually any location. No natural gas connections, no special permits required. Patagonia was designed to make CNG and LNG immediately available at any site, with no infrastructure nor heavy CAPEX requirements, making fueling locations totally flexible with respect to the LNG production site.

How it works

Patagonia modules with different storage capacities. Our basic module can store 1400 gallons of LNG (1000 GGE), from which you can chose to produce CNG, or directly fuel LNG to your vehicles.
Thanks to SCADA remote monitoring, Patagonia triggers an automated refilling request when the storage reaches predetermined levels. You don’t have to worry about managing the LNG supply. Patagonia manages the fuel for you.

Whether it is a private fleet or a public station, Patagonia automatically converts your operations to CNG and LNG for a fraction of the costs of traditional LCNG solutions, and even less if you compare to regular diesel fuels.

Patagonia takes CNG production to new levels, requiring only a 50HP electric motor to compress natural gas to 250bar.


When strategically located, the combination of our Cryobox™ mini LNG production and the Patagonia™ fueling solution allows the creation of a self-sufficient LNG CNG corridor.


Verdek™ LCNG Fueling Equipment


GALLILEO PATAGONIA™ automatically converts your operation to CNG & LNG for a fraction of the cost of the traditional LCNG station.

Key Features.

  • Small Footprint
  • No Boil-off
  • Turnkey Solution
  • Remote Monitoring