Verdek’s line of Proterra-manufactured ulta-fast electric chargers are the industry standard for heavy duty EV fleets. The PCS (Power Control System) line of chargers come in several configurations, with options for both overhead (charging via mechanical arm) and traditional cable-based plug-in models. We can help you choose between the three power levels (60kW, 125kW, and 500kW) based on your preferred charging session length, daily range requirements for your fleet, and your operation floorplan.

Proterra’s PCS charging stations are modular and scalable solutions that can easily be integrated into your existing power grid. The dispensing units (where the vehicle charges up) can be placed up to 500 feet away from your power systems, giving you flexibility with your charging station layout.

Proterra equipment is standardized, meaning diverse fleets including cars, buses, and utility vehicles can all use the same charging infrastructure.


Proterra Charging Solutions

Proterra 60 kW PCS
Proterra 125 kW PCS
Proterra 500 kW PCS

PCS (Power Control System)

For electric fleets with longer available charge times, Verdek™ offers Proterra’s Power Control System as the most cost-effective way to keep your EV fleet charged up.

A fully modular and scalable solution, each power control cabinet can be paired with up to four individual charging dispensers that will automatically and sequentially charge each vehicle to capacity. 

Configuring multiple dispensers per power system allows you to install less equipment and reduce the overall space needed for your charging systems. This solution affords your operation an extremely cost-effective charging schedule which leverages longer charge times and automated, efficient smart-grid connections.


Key Features:

  • Available in three power options: 60kW, 125kW, or 500kW
  • Can be installed side-to-side and back-to-back for space efficiency
  • Automated charging system with customizable ruleset
  • Universal OCPP 1.6 communications protocol
  • Power cabinet can be located up to 500 ft from dispenser


Proterra PCS


Proterra PCS 60 kW System 125 kW System 500 kW System
Power cabinet dimensions 70.8” x 31.5” x 24” 115” x 40” x 30” 72” x 129” x 24”
Dispenser dimensions 58” x 15.75” x 8.5” 58” x 15.75” x 8.5” N/A
Approx. charge time statistics (using Proterra Catalyst C2 electric bus) 6 hours (1 bus) 12 hours (4 buses) 3 hours (1 bus) 6 hours (2 buses) 1 minute for approx. 3.1 miles of range, per connection
Compatible connection types Infrastructure-mounted pantograph,  vehicle-mounted pantograph, or universal plug-in Infrastructure-mounted pantograph,  vehicle-mounted pantograph, or universal plug-in Infrastructure-mounted pantograph or vehicle-mounted pantograph
Connection standards SAE J3105 pantograph or J1772-CCS Type 1 plug-in SAE J3105 pantograph or J1772-CCS Type 1 plug-in SAE J3105 pantograph