EV Charging in the Workplace

Across the US, businesses are contributing to a greener America by supporting sustainable commuting options for their employees. Verdek™ can help achieve your company’s sustainability goals by enabling your workers to charge their electric vehicles (EVs) while on the job.

When you choose Verdek Green Technologies for your parking facility, you not only help your EV-owning employees charge their vehicles while on the job, but you also attract a new generation of young eco-conscious professionals wanting clean transportation solutions.


Establish an Eco-Friendly Brand
Cement your company’s image as pro-environment by placing your logo on our charging stations.

Increase Employee Satisfaction
Let your employees know they work for a business with values that go beyond your bottom line.

Achieve Sustainability Goals
Project an eco-conscious identity for your company and prove its willingness to stay on top of—or even exceed—industry standards.


Verdek Workplaces Brochure


Here are just a few of the big businesses that chose Verdek EV charging as part of their sustainability model:

Workplace Clients