Chargepoint EV Chargers

Chargepoint® owns the world’s largest EV charging network. Chargepoint has a full range of public and fleet chargers to cover all EV markets. The Chargepoint App for Apple or Android phones allows drivers to easily locate the nearest station.

Chargepoint offers a complete range of Level 2 and Level 3 stations. All stations are networked. All products can be accessed with a Chargepoint RFID card, Chargepoint App or contactless credit card. The owner of the station can decide access strategies and pricing. The stations can be wall or pedestal mounted. All models feature a retractable cords. Standard warranty is 1-year parts warranty, extended warranties up to 5 years are available.

Chargepoint Network

Chargepoint® cloud-based software makes it easy to configure and manage your charging stations. You get real-time visibility into charging, complete control over pricing and access rights, actionable reporting and turnkey integrations — all part of the ChargePoint network.


The CT4000 is one of the leading Level 2 charging stations across North America and is a central part of ChargePoint’s network of over 211,000 activated stations.  

  • Saves energy with the first ENERGY STAR® certified EV charger. 
  • Serves more drivers using standard SAE J1772™ Level 2 single or dual port charging with locking holsters, with each port supplying up to 7.2 kW. 
  • Provides a great driver experience by working seamlessly with the top-rated ChargePoint app, so drivers can find and reserve stations, tap to charge and more. 


Auto dealerships investing in the future of mobility can count on the CPF50 as a cost-effective way to charge EVs. The CPF50 is available with one or two ports and 18- or 23-foot cables, and it can be mounted on the wall or as a free-standing pedestal. UL Listed, rigorously tested and ENERGY STAR® certified hardware maximizes your charging investment and can be installed outdoors.

  • Keep vehicles charged and ready for test drives and during service visits.
  • Use custom branding on stations to showcase your dealership.
  • Get real-time visibility and control over power use and energy costs with charging management software.
  • Serve all EV drivers with a universal J1772™ connector, dual ports and long cables.
  • Provide convenient charging speeds (up to 50 amps or 37 miles of range per hour).
  • Use indoors or outdoors, thanks to the hardware’s UL listing and NEMA 3R rating.
  • Keep cables safely off the ground with an ultra-lightweight cable management system.


The CP6000 prepares businesses for the future of electric mobility, offering complete control, reliability and a user experience that keeps drivers and owners happy. The CP6000 makes it easy to meet the evolving charging needs of today and tomorrow. Intuitive software and robust hardware maximize charging utilization and operational efficiency. Flexible controls, power management tools and extensive network coverage make it simple to get started, make changes and scale for growth.


The ChargePoint Express stations are 62.5KW and they can be paired to deliver up to 125 kW to a vehicle, enabling high-power charging with limited infrastructure costs.

  • Save space with the smallest fast charging footprint, whether standalone or paired.
  • Always keep vehicles charged and ready using built-in redundancy.
  • By leveraging the pairing capability of Express, efficiency is maximized by sharing power modules and power allocation.

Flexible configurations, software and standard connectors work in any scenario and for any vehicle type.

  • The small footprint and power conversion done at the station level enables fast charging for many scenarios that may be tight on space.
  • Swing-arm cable management helps reach all types of vehicles, while keeping your parking lot safe and neat.

Express Plus

This modular DC fast charging platform is built to scale with your needs and ready for the future of charging. The Express Plus system includes Power Blocks that house up to five Power Modules and deliver power that can be dynamically shared among Power Link stations, equipped with 500 A liquid-cooled cables and simultaneous charging to deliver a premium driver experience. 

  • Depending upon configuration, the system is able to deliver up to 500 kW to a single port, with the potential to add hundreds of miles of range in under 15 minutes.
  • Designed to scale by power delivered, vehicles served or both to meet the needs of the evolving EV industry.
  • Open, flexible and integrated solution built to work with all vehicle types and integrate with back-end systems.

ChargePoint Solutions

Level 2 Chargers
Chargepoint CT4000
Chargepoint CPF50
Chargepoint CP6000

DC Fast Chargers
Chargepoint CPE250
Chargepoint Express Plus

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