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Solar for residential


Why go Solar?
The price of solar has dropped drastically over the last several years. The average system size is about 6-8kw to power a large home with 100% electricity needs.

Financing Vs Leasing
We have a number of low-cost financing options with local lenders, with interest rates as low at 3.49%. We recommend Verdek customers purchase their system because they will enjoy a lower total cost of ownership, increase the value of their home, and make it easier to sell their home. We only recommend a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) for commercial customers or for a buyer that cannot benefit from a tax credit.

Tax Credits
Currently, the IRS 30% Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for residential solar installations will expire December 31st, 2016. Consult your tax advisor for more information.

Verdek Solar guarantees your power production, or Verdek Solar will write you a check for the difference

Verdek Solar will produce power for 25 years at a minimum. Your inverter installed by Verdek Solar will hold a 12 year warranty, and you can purchase an extended warranty for up to 25 years.

Your Verdek Solar installation will operate independently once it is approved by the utility, and turned on by our certified electrician. It has an automatic shut-down that meets current safety codes.  You can monitor your system production on a personalized online portal and even connect with a smart-phone app.

Return on Investment
The break-even point varies by customer to as little as 3 years to as long as 10 years.  If you are going to sell your home in less than 2 years, it is not recommended to purchase or lease solar.

Energy Storage Solutions
Verdek Solar will offer a variety of battery backup energy storage solutions for residential and commercial customers. Prices on battery storage are dropping dramatically and are becoming more feasible for customers. Verdek Solar also plans to offer installation services of the new TESLA PowerWall home battery.

Off-Grid solutions
With lower battery pricing off-grid solutions will become more affordable. If you have a cabin or land and want to avoid the expensive cost of running a utility line hookup to your property, going off-grid to start with might be a great option. Plan on off-grid solar solutions to cost about twice the price of a grid-tied system for now.

How do I get started?
Verdek Solar will prepare a customized solar analysis of your potential savings from adding solar to your home. A Verdek Solar energy consultant will review your electric bill, annual usage, and annual costs per month. Next, a satellite view of your roof will help to calculate the available area for solar, and the amount of electricity production that could be generated from a rooftop solar installation. A detailed proposal will be prepared for your review.

Please call us at +1 (623) 777-9846 or email us at for a proposal.



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