Galileo’s CNG Fueling Stations

With over 2,000 installations worldwide, Galileo is the leader in CNG fueling stations. We offer a full range of systems from time fill to fast fill. Galileo’s CNG fueling stations offer great performance on a small footprint. They are designed with an explosion proof structure and run quietly fitting well even in residential area.The Galileo stations can deliver as low as 0.5 GGE/min and as high as 13.7 GGE/min, the fastest station in the world. Our fueling stations are a plug-in solution and can manage inlet gas pressure of as low as 5 psi.






The NanoBox was designed for time fill solutions for fleets requiring daily volumes of 300-500 GGE. It can deliver flow rates up to 1 GGE/min depending on the inlet pressure. It can be configured with an integrated dispenser for quick fills during the day. It has a small footprint. It can be part of a modular solution for growing demand.


The MicroBox is the most popular CNG solution. It can be used for time fill solutions for large fleets with daily volumes up to 2,000-3,000 GGE. It is a perfect solution for CNG stations. It has a small footprint and it can be couple with another MicroBox to meet growing demand while granting redundancy.


The GigaBox is the most powerful of the Galileo CNG compressors. It is a perfect solution for CNG stations with high utilization. Depending on the inlet pressure, the GigaBox can deliver up to 13.5 GGE/min. Like all Galileo compressors, it has a small footprint related to its performance.