Efacec offers a vast range of DC fast chargers for electric cars and buses ranging from 20KW to 400KW. We can offer single and dual chargers with SAE CCS Combo and CHAdeMO standards to cover the whole range of EVs. All stations are networked and they can work on the Chargepoint network or in alternative on the OCPP network. All products have 2-year warranty.

QC Series

The Efacec QC  DC Quick Charger can be used to charge all EVs with CHAdeMO and CCS charging standard compliance. The QC is a user-friendly and safe process to fast charge your vehicle. The battery charging status is displayed and the charging cycle finishes by itself or can be terminated by a user command. We can offer single DC output, dual DC output, in a single cabinet or bundled with a wired charging interface kiosk. The DC Quick Charger includes Efacec’s power electronics unique design, resulting in top specifications for DC fast charging. Higher power output with best power factor and efficiency.

HV Series

We are focused on bringing new and innovative solutions to the EV charging market characterized by a growing trend for fast high-power chargers. The HV160 is a single power cabinet High Power Ultra fast charging solution, able to supply up to 175A at voltages up to 920 V and up to 350A at voltages less than 460 V to a user interface unit with adequate cable and connector.

Using Efacec’s more than 30 years of experience in power electronics technology, the HV160 is part of Efacec's High Power Ultra Fast charging system, safe, robust, durable, stable and environmentally friendly.


Power Level(s) Level 3
Models QC Series
HV Series
Power Output (KW) 20 to 350
Amperage up to 350 A
Voltage (Output) 400 VDC
Miles of Range Per Hour (RPH) up to 300
Network Cellular / Ethernet

Efacec Charging Solutions

Efacec QC45
Efacec HV Family