This line of level 2 charger can be both non-networked and networked. In the basic version, it is a “Plug and Charge”. With the OCPP add-on it becomes a networked station. The station can be remotely controlled for user access, pricing policies and usage reporting. These stations have as a 5 unique feature a 30 feet cord on a retractable system which makes it very useful when a specific location has hard access or the plug is in the back of the EV. All products have 2-year warranty.


The EVoReel Charging Stations were designed with the cable management for ease of use.

Charging cable automatically rewinds when not in use reducing trip hazard or accidental roll-over of the vehicle connector.  It is available with cable lengths up to 30 feet.

Flexible mounting options enable your charge cable to be at your optimum location (wall, pedestal, ceiling, etc.)

EVOReel can also be a solution for existing installations by simply connecting it to existing charging stations with no wiring required (hardwire options are also available)

Key Features:

  • SAE J1772 AC Level 2
  • 208/240VAC, 30A Rated
  • 7.20 kW Max Power Output
  • Retractable Reel for Cable Management
  • Up to 30 ft Charge Cable Length
  • Simple “Plug & Charge”
  • Optional - RFID Enabled and OCPP Network Connectivity for Access Control and Payment Feature
  • Indoor and Outdoor Rated (NEMA 3R)
  • Flexible Mounting Options: Wall, Ceiling, Pedestal


Power Level(s) Level 2
Models EVoReel EVSE
Power Output (KW) 7.2
Amperage up to 32 A
Voltage (Output) 240 VAC
Miles of Range Per Hour (RPH) up to 25
Network Cellular

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