EV Charging for Multi-Family Properties

Give your tenants and their guests the ability to charge their electric vehicles (EVs) at their residence and you contribute to a growing mindset of green transportation while helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in your area.

Installing Verdek’s EV charging stations increases your property value and the standard of living both at your properties and in the surrounding community.


Increase Property Value
EV charging facilities not only provide an additional selling point for potential tenants but also attract more affluent, eco-conscious residents.

Create an Additional Revenue Stream
Set a charging fee to not only offset costs of station maintenance and electricity, but also build a profit margin.

Enjoy Flexible Management Options
You choose the business model and payment plan appropriate for your properties, then monitor your networked stations online.


Verdek™ Multi-Family Brochure


Here are just a few of the multi-family property managers that chose Verdek’s EV charging solutions for their communities:

Mulit-Family Clients