EV Charging for Commercial Parking

Installing Verdek’s electric vehicle charging stations at your parking facility not only attracts a new customer base of EV drivers but can also be an additional source of revenue for your company.

EV drivers looking for charging stations using mobile apps will become loyal customers of your lot. The green community will quickly take notice of your brand and its commitment to clean transportation.


Boost Revenue
Parking lots with dedicated electric charging stations attract an affluent clientele. Apply your own pricing strategies to networked stations to maximize the return on your investment.

Cultivate a Green Brand
Put your logo on our charging stations. This will not only enhance the aesthetics of your lot but also establish your company as a go-to for traveling EV drivers.

Facilitate Cleaner Driving
When parking lots go green, the impact is felt nationwide. Installing our stations enables consumers to reduce their CO2 emissions and helps put the breaks on climate change.


Verdek Commercial Parking Brochure


Here are some of the parking organizations that chose Verdek™ to provision their lots:

Commercial Parking Clients