CNG Virtual Pipeline

For distances up to 250 miles, CNG Virtual Pipeline® is the best alternative to transport natural gas to remote locations where the gas lines are not available.

Virtual Pipeline - Extending the Natural Gas Infrastructure


There are 39 cylinders per MAT, each cylinder contains 40 Gallons for a total of 1,560 Gallons. The storage is 52,500 SCF or 420 GGE

Mat Dimensions: Length 127” Width 100’ Height 90”

Galileo MAT


MAT-B carries a booster which allows the use of 92% of the gas storage. The booster is operated by a hydraulic power unit, the most common used is a 20 KW Caterpillar power generator. The booster is to maintain the MAT-B storage system at a pressure of 3,600 psi. With this feature MAT B becomes an integral part of a cascade system together with the other MAT modules linked together on the transport vehicle. There are 28 cylinders per MAT-B, each cylinder contains 40 Gallons for a total of 1,120 Gallons. The storage is 37,700 SCF or 302 GGE.

Galileo MAT-B

MAT-B has an electronic management system which controls compression, filling operation of the platform and delivery system with real-time precision measurement and monitoring features which enables accurate fuel billing and reporting for your customers. MAT – B has an integrated dispenser to fill vehicles on the go.

Transportation Systems

Transportation Trucks
This truck carries one MAT-B and two MAT. The configuration offers 143,000 SCF at 3,600psi or 1,150 GGE.

MAT loading ramps
Hydraulic ramps allow for an easy loading and unloading of the MATs


Galileo's Virtual Pipeline can be applied to a great number of applications, with equipment specially designed for each particular need.

Industrial & Power Generation

Galileo Virtual Pipeline offers a cleaner and more economical alternative for industrial facilities and power generation companies located away from the natural gas pipelines. Galileo has developed RMP (Regulating Modular Plants) a state-of-the-art remote regulating system specifically designed to regulate the high pressure of the MAT modules to the required pressure for the specific application.

CNG Remote Fueling Stations

A CNG Remote Fueling Station with Virtual Pipeline is the best alternative for those places that lack natural gas infrastructures.

The Remote CNG Station has PAD Platforms for the unloading and unloading of MAT modules which are connected to a MAT-B with a Booster,  module` storage management and Dispensers to fuel CNG Vehicles.


Verdek Virtual Pipeline


Mother Station
MAT Mother Station

MAT transportation

Daughter Station
Daughter Station


Power Generation Solutions


Caterpillar Power Generatiors
5 Caterpillar Power Generators
Running on CNG.